Cash Bandits Slots

Cash Bandits Slots is a home run hitter that has been around for quite some time - and yet has lost none of its no appeal. As a 5 reel video slot sporting 25 pay lines, this interactive pokey is quite liberal with the coin denominations that it allows real money players. The theme, as you may have guessed, is all about cops and robbers or police and thieves to be more politically correct. Design graphics are quite theatrical, with heavy cartoon elements that most gamers find appealing. Make no mistake, however: if you download the casino software and make even a modest deposit, the amount of money you stand to win here (potentially, anyway) is enough to change your future plans for the better. With 25 pay lines, there are many different ways that you can win here. The scatter symbols and substitute wilds just may help you get to that progressive jackpot, and although the maximum number of coins you can wager and embedded in the maximum bet is $0.01 - $0.25. The game also has run the multipliers that can truly enhance your winnings, as well as free spins in the bonus Rounds an autoplay feature that makes everything run smoothly and with minimum effort. Incidentally, there are no respins and the bonus features for Cash Bandits Slots. As far as the game experience is concerned, there is a high degree of customizability this pokey. Generally speaking, it begins slowly but can ramp up expeditiously. You the player can also control the speed at which the game progresses by using the buttons at the bottom of the game board on the left and the right sides. You play every single one of the 25 pay lines, and the Max wager is a cool $6.25 - which means that you low rollers and medium rollers can really get into this game for real money. The option to play for free in your browser is also available with Flash from Adobe; just make sure you're using either a Chrome browser, a Firefox browser, or an Apple Safari browser on your mobile device or desktop computer.

Cash Bandit Special Bonus Symbols - Wild and Scatter

Not surprisingly, the Cash Bandit bonus symbols are comprised of icons that are related to bank robbers and the cops and security guards that are responsible for catching them. As is the case with most slots, these are the wild (substitute) symbols and the scatter symbols. The wild is famous for being able to replace all other symbols except for the scatter, and increase the payouts when it does so. Sometimes, it doubles them; other times, it triples the payouts - depending on the game particulars, as well as how many wilds show up. The substituting wild icon here is the Iron Bank Vault; should a handful of these appear, your payout is a remarkable 2500 big ones. The scatter (which, again, cannot be supplanted by the bank vault) is the Sheriff Badge; it increases your payouts by a multiple of whatever you wagered x at the beginning of the real money game (available only via download). In this pokey, the scatter also activates the special bonus options. Specifically, insofar as the wild icon is concerned, if you land five golden iron bank vault symbols at a time your payout is a 2500 coins; if instead the game delivers a spate of four bank vault icons you win 750 coins. For three golden iron bank safes you win 100 coins, and the final paying combination of two of a kind gets the player 10 coins. The scattered Sheriff's badge (which is a shield emblem with the game logo emblazoned across it) is, for five on the reels, worth a 200x payout. In certain situations, this can clearly pay out even more than the substitution in winning combinations! For four scattered badges you still get 20x, and for three such badges you win 2x. As you can see, all scatter wins are multiplied by the total wager.

Cash Bandit Slot Featured Bonuses

The first one is the Vault bonus feature; the primary things that this one can deliver are multipliers and free spins - both of which increase and extend your opportunities in-game. The round begins uniquely, with an allotment of four bank safes that need to broken open. The manner in which you'll crack them is completely dependent on chance; choose 8 numbers and see which ones match the combination of the lock. The game has a double dose of progressive jackpots, too, making it doubly worthwhile to consider playing for real money. They are named, appropriately, the Minor and the Major Jackpots.

Symbol Combos in Cash Bandit Slots

As for the rest of the regular symbols, they pay out an agreeable amount of money if you line up at least 3 of a kind. The bank building, for five, gives you a win worth 1500 coins. For 4 bank building icons you win 500 coins, for three bank building symbols you get 25 coins, and for two banks you get 5 coins. The buff police officer/security guard is worth 1250 coins for five on the reels; he gets you 250 coins for four on the reels, 20 coins for three of a kind and just 5 coins if two cops appear. The final higher-paying icon is the robber or thief; five of him (running away with the money grab bag, as it were) is worth 800 coins. Four robber symbols gets you 125 coins, three of a kind is worth 15 coins and two bank robber icons gets you 3 coins. The last symbols overall come in pairs and then in triplets. The first collection consists of a red getaway car and a blue police beacon. For five of each on the reels, you win 500 coins - which is not bad at all for relatively low-paying symbols. For four of either you collect a 50 coin payout, and for three red cars or three police beacon symbols you win 10 coins. The remaining symbols consists of one set of a money bag, police revolver and bundles of cash, and the second set of pink donut, bullhorn and handcuffs. They pay out 250 coins for five of a kind and 100 coins for five of a kind, respectively. Play Cash Bandit Slots today!