Frog Fortunes Slots

When it comes to the new slew of adventure-themed games that are rolling off the Real time Gaming software presses, the 5 reel, 243 pay way Frog fortunes Slots just about takes the cake. It is aesthetic and filled with novel, crisply-drawn figures/symbols, and just a flat-out beauty to behold in real time. You can be playing it in mere minutes after downloading the software and making a deposit, or in seconds in your browser if you just want to experience it without any stakes being on the line.

In Frog Fortune Slots, you will discover a fantastical woodland jungle scene that serves as the kingdom of a golden frog and his cohorts. The massive number of reels are buttressed by the rare and unique Cascading Reels bonus feature, which also incorporates the visual treat of exploding icons on the standard 5 x 3 grid (which is nearly as popular as the more conventional 3 x 3 grid). You will find some top-notch symbol representations in this game, from four different characters of masks, four generations of gemstones and a single exploding icon. As you go deeper into the virtual woodland jungle, the top symbol of the golden frog will be revealed and begin to play a crucial part in the slot gaming venture. There's a wide range of wagering options, and you are compelled to pick your preference in the beginning of the real money game - just use the plus or minus buttons to up or lower your wager. This is not an all ways pay game, so the only payouts occur when you land icons in the left to right direction.

Frog Fortunes Slot Gaming Method

A reasonable method for getting in in tune with games such as these is to first try your hand at the Flash version - which is, of course, free to play. By doing this, you can forego any of the anxiety that comes with making a qualified deposit of your own money, and learn the style and ropes of the pokey, before diving in for real. If you are already a veteran of slots, then consider jumping right in if you're in it to try and win it (i.e. if you're a gambler at heart). Among the many reasons why Frog Fortunes is a favorite of the online gamer is the 243 payline feature, which means there are quite a few ways in which you can win. As hinted at before, the numerous numbers of paylines is enhanced by the Cascading Reels Bonus and the Exploding Icons feature; if you get these in the midst of a win, your reward prize will be bigger than it would've otherwise been.

There are some very special symbols in the game; the intricately-designed masks, for example, provide more substantial payouts than the others (the precious gems, that is). If more than one icon combination appears on a spin, then the one with the highest payout is automatically credited as the win. - you also get a bonus for getting more than one combo. The Exploding Icon feature brings with it yet another bonus, and it can appear at random. All told, in this slot it is possible to walk away with a max payout of 50,000x; if you win this, then the current game concludes.

Frog Fortunes and the Paying Icon Combos

Here's what you've been waiting for the most - especially if you're a gamer of the real money variety. The top symbol in Frog Fortunes Slots is a Wisdom Owl that is garbed in royal purple and has tangerine gold inflections on his beak. For five of this Wisdom Owl icon the prize is 150 coins; for four of the Wisdom Owl symbol you receive 30 coins, and for three of them on the reels at the same time you win 10 coins. The second-highest paying symbol of the regular icons is the red and gold chicken - who knows what a chicken is doing in the jungle. In any case, a full stack of five chicken icons are worth 80 coins; four of a kind of the chicken gets you 15 coins and three of them are worth 5 coins. After this comes the jade snake symbol; he slithers about the forest floor with reckless abandon; five of this cunning beast gives you 40 coins; four jade snake icons gets you 10 coins and three jade snakes are worth 5 coins on the paylines.

Next up are the middle icons; these pay out semi-handsomely in Frog Fortunes Slots and are of interest to those who downloaded the casino software. What looks to be a golden bear symbol, for five of a kind, delivers a 40 coin payout. For four golden bear icons you win 10 coins and for three golden bears your reward is 5 coins. The second of these mid-symbols is a pink dragon-like creature; for five of a kind this dragon is worth 35 coins; for four pink dragon animals on the reels you win 8 coins and for three of them you get 4 coins.

There are no poker card jackets serving as symbol in Frog Fortune Slots; instead, the low-paying symbols are gemstones. The sky blue precious rock is, for five of them, worth 15 coins; for four sky blue stones you get 5 coins and for three blue stones you win 2 coins. Next in line is a stark green stone which, for five on the reels of the Frog Fortunes gameboard, you win 15 coins; four stark green rocks deliver a 5 coin payout, and three of these win you 2 coins again. Closing in on the remaining two precious gems, we first have the blood red diamond; five of them are worth 5 coins and four blood red diamond symbols are worth 2 coins. You still get a payout for lining up just three blood red diamond symbols; it is a single coin. The last paying symbol in the game is the tangerine crystal/stone; for five of a kind it gets you 5 coins; for four tangerine-colored stones you win 2 coins and for three tangerine stones you win 1 coin. What is there left to say? To game the night away with some risk involved, download the casino software and make a deposit before you head to the mobile lobby to play Frog Fortunes slots from RTG.