IC Wins Slots

IC Wins Slots

Coming cold off the presses at Real Time Gaming is the frigid IC Wins Slots, which features all the denizens of the polar regions in polar bears, snow tigers and panthers, a skilled hunter and trapper, the emblem for the game, the poker card suits, and a bewildered arctic wolf. The size of IC Wins Slots is nothing short of strange: it is a 6 by 4 grid layout with a mind-numbing 4096 different ways to potentially win. It is, of course, a real money game with the option to play without any economic commitment using Adobe Flash in your Chrome browser or Firefox browser. Support for Apple Safari is coming soon, as well as a myriad of streamlined browsers on your mobile device - as long as you're sporting an android or Apple device. The winter template is of course a nice touch for the holidays, although this doesn't mean you need to wait until December to try your hand at this award-winning pokey. The appearance is top-notch, and compares favorably with some of the most visually-impressive slots ever released by anyone. Using some of the in game elements, you can come by 7X multipliers, as well as a game-extending 16 free spins using the scatter symbols in the bonus feature game. To bolster things even more, IC Wins Slots has a re-spins feature that is capable of keeping the multiplier wins coming at a torrid pace. The fact that it has a medium variance flavor to it also means that it is a worthwhile play - you won't need to wait too long for the wins to start coming as long as you play enough times.

IC Wins Slots Symbols & Bonus Feature Rounds

So is it worthwhile to play IC Wins Slots? Well judging from the historic value of most of the similar Real Time Gaming ventures, the return to player value is above board and more than adequate. It hovers right around 96%, which makes this pokey competitive and worth your real money investments if you are so inclined. As for the template of the game, it is vivid and reassuring, with a snowy Woodland-type background theme that really gives the site an air of polish. Although the art style is unmistakably cartoonish, this does not in any way compromise the visual acuity of the game itself. The relatively low-paying symbols include the Ace from the poker game, the Royal King, the concubine Queen symbol, the court-Jester Joker symbol, the 10 and the lowest of the low, the 9. The higher paying symbols include the snow leopard, the arctic wolf, polar bears, and the hunter/trapper who was wearing the fur coat of one of the denizens that he had apparently slain before the start of the game. You will love the pinewood theme that characterizes the symbol placement. The scatter symbol is the icon which activates the free spins around. Once you hit the bonus rounds (should you be so lucky), then the wild symbol will really come into play. It is represented by a glorious fire pit - which is very necessary in these extremely subzero temperatures. When just a single wild symbol makes a substitution, the payout is enhanced dramatically; when anywhere from two of a kind to three of a kind and even form a kind show up, you can expect to take home the bank. In keeping with this, the fact that there are guaranteed respins possible makes this game all the more attractive to real money players. It allows you to corral a win even on non-winning spins! There is also a possibility of re-triggering gates for even more wins during an otherwise unlucky streak. Keep on spinning until you finally win for real.

IC Wins Slots Free Spins and Then Some…

you will want to learn about the Free Spins bonus round in the titular IC Wins Slots; after all, how else do you plan on improving your winnings in a game that doesn't have a robust progressive jackpot? Perhaps the best single attribute of this bonus is the ability to activate it randomly in the regular game. The contingency plan for triggering it involves landing at least three scatter game logo icons at the same time on the reels. Along with these scatters, you will corral the base prize of 8 free spins. If instead you land for scatter game logo icons your cash will be bumped up to 12 free spins; for the Full House and maximum amount of five scatter symbols you win 16 free spins with which to game away the nights. Two bolster the amazing monetary possibilities in this game even further, IC Wins Slots has a cool progressive multiplier feature that delivers between 1x and 7x to your combination of wild attribute and normal symbol. And yes, it is possible to strike it rich on just a single spin (so long as you land the 7x progressive when multiplier). The variance in this game is good and is slated at medium variance - which means you can expect to win for every 60 spins on average. The actual number is closer to 68 spins - but who's really counting. The payouts in the regular game are relatively low, but this is what the progressive when multiplier is for; it bolsters the price payout at the higher ends so long as you decided to download the casino software in make a deposit to activate the real money version of the game.

IC Wins Slot Bonus Attributes

We may have mentioned this already, but the possible jackpot size of the progressive is 50,000x - which is clearly a life-changer even for a highroller. With a moderate amount of volatility in the game, as well as a rather festive display and good RTP (Return to Player) value, IC Wins Slot could very well be one of your top choices for the spate of online games that you play for real money. It also has many opportunities at free spins, re-spins and random multipliers to pop up and extend your streak of winning. Download now.