Epic Holiday Party Slots

The holidays are a perfect time to introduce new slats and other gaming opportunities; it is for this reason that giant casino games-maker, Real Time Gaming, has manifested the brilliantly-detailed Epic Holiday Party Slats. This monstrous 243 pay line slot has 5 reels that are displayed in a classic 3X 5 grid layout that veteran online casino game players have come to love. It's a virtual party - and you're invited to play for real money or the Flash version for fun money. In the following article, we will detail the bonuses and features that are available no matter which option you choose. The Christmas season may either be approaching or just past, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy this 5 reel, 243 pay line pokey that is centered on the pagan celebration of Nimrod; who was a mighty hunter before the Lord often times, Christmas is mistaken as a celebration of the birthday of the Hebrew Son of God, but it is nothing of the sort when one looks at the historical changes to the Gregorian calendar. In any case, it is a time of celebrating the winter solstice and trees spring up in most people's homes where they are adorned with baubles and trinkets. Epic Holiday Party Slats will feature lovely women in red suits and Santa hats, as well as the German-derived character of Santa Claus in his characteristic get up for the holidays. In the following section, you will see what awaits you on the game board.

A Few Notes on the Epic Holiday Slots Features

This poker is not set in the frigid cold regions that occupy both the top and the bottom of the Earth's poles; but rather, it takes place in the lovely lights of Las Vegas Nevada. On the reels, you will find many kinds of symbols - such as a debonair version of Santa Claus wearing a red and white hat. You also find a cadre of lovely young women who seem to be frolicking about Santa Claus's palace (who, by the way, seems a lot younger than he is characteristically portrayed). There is also a rich money satchel, a decorative snow globe, and of course the poker card jackets that represent the lower paying symbols. These include the Ace, the King, the Queen, the Joker, the 10 and the 9. As for the most important symbols, we begin with the wild and end with the scatter (more on the symbol combinations that lead to payout sums later). Somewhat appropriately, the substitute icon (the wild, basically) is the money satchel. Its single most important property is the ability to replace every other non-scattered icon to help make a winning payline complete; then, you get to enjoy an increased payout. The next special symbol that's also considered a bonus is the scatter icon, which is the snow bauble or globe figurine. While it cannot be supplanted by the wild, the scatter CAN give you payouts that are multiples of your real money wager. It's one heck of a prize multiplier!

Epic Holiday Party Slots Symbol Combinations

The first symbol that we will investigate is the substitute Bag of Gold; This bag of gold coins, trinkets and bully on only appears on the second, third, and fourth reels in the game. When it does show up, it substitutes for almost every other symbol except the scatter Free Games logo, and the multiplying wild icon. The scatter symbol pays out multiples of your starting wager, and if you managed to land three of a kind of the Free Games scatter, then you are awarded 12 free games. If you land five Free Game scatter symbols at the same time, then your payout is 50X; if instead you get for Free Games scattered on the reels your payout is 10x; and for three scatter symbols you win 5x. The multiplying wild symbol is a force to be reckoned with, and it has a complicated array of payouts and multipliers depending on the bet you made. It only shows up on the third real, and can substitute even for the original normal wild symbol; the only thing for which you cannot make a substitution is the scatter Free Games logo. The commensurate payouts are only multiplied when they form a portion of the relevant winning combination. The following are the normal symbols on the reels: there's a silver haired man posing a Santa Claus, a pretty girl with a Russian hat on, a lady with glasses looking sternly over them, and a severe looking vixen with flowing golden locks. As concerns the silver haired gentlemen, at the highest Level 4, five of a kind is worth a 500 coin payout; for silver hair gentlemen symbols get you 80 coins, and three silver haired gentlemen icons are worth 30 coins. As concerns the lovely pouty lady with the Russian hat symbol, at Level 4, five of her get you a 200 coin payout, four of the Russian hat lady get you 50 coins, and three of her is worth 20 coins. As you might have surmise, there are other levels in the waging scheme - namely, Level 3, Level 2, Level 1, and the Base Level. The value of the symbol combination payouts decreases with each level, and you can see the precise numbers on the in game pay table. There are other enticing attributes in Epic Holiday Party slots, which is, additionally simple and thus inviting of all ranges of online casino players. There are two big buttons on the front page that initiate all the action, after the first one accepts your wager. The availability of four different jackpots means that you stand a chance of actually winning them all - the game makes this a distinct possibility. This reality more than makes up for the medium variance delineation released by RTG at the inception of this pokey. The Grand Jackpot is the final and largest one, and it can only be won randomly. The prize that it unleashes is a game-changing $5,000. Download Epic Holiday Party Slots today for an up-close gaming experience.