Fish Catch Slots

This fairly new RTG slot is quite unique in that there are no reels or pay lines, and no wilds, scatters, or free spins. Fish Catch Slots is simply about shooting fish. Not the most humane way of catching fish, but there it is. We invite you to play Fish Catch Slots at Old Havana Mobile Casino.

About the Game

According to RTG, Fish Catch is a multiplayer lobby in which you set your bet, partner with your friends and blast fish with huge cannons for fun and profit. Thus, players will be able to choose the value of the lobby they want to enter. The pick is for the minimum bet, and from there, you can place larger bets to get stronger weapons. The game play consists of either spam-clicking enemies, or setting the auto-kill to hunt certain types of fish for you. Either way, a single shot is not guaranteed to kill the fish. Sometimes, you will have to shoot them until they die, other times, you get lucky and your projectile kills them early. So far I do not like the premise of this game. The coin value is a max bet of $50 per shot when choosing the correct lobby. You can easily select the wrong one and wind up betting your house.

Playing the Game

Instead of symbols you would normally see on reels, you will instead view a variety of different fish that swim around. Each fish will have its own dollar value. So it is recommended that you turn on the Fish Info. This will allow you to see the value of the fish.

Mermaid's Luck Feature

There is a bonus feature in this game which can only be triggered randomly. This feature has a Wheel of Fortune and will award payouts depending upon the amount you draw. The largest amount is 250xs your bet, although the game details state you can win a jackpot of 1000xs your bet.


I would recommend this slot because it is quite unique in its design, and because we have not seen a slot like this before. Although I still stand by my angst about shooting fish, one would have to look at this slot as purely a game and nothing more.