Cubee The Travel Adventure Slots

Cubee The Travel Adventure Slots, one of the newest slot games, is beyond belief. It really can't be explained to my satisfaction and therefore I invite you to play it at Old Havana Mobile Casino. You won't be sorry you did!

The Land of Cubes

Cubee does not have pay lines or reels. What you will see is centered in the middle of the slot. To the right is a Happy Orange Cubee, and to the left is a Pirate Cubee Rocco. At the top of the slot, you will find four icons. Below the Orange Cubee is a small i so that you can read the pay table; and below that are four circular lights. Below the Win window is a multiplier that ranges from 1xs to 3xs. All of these extras serve to enhance this game, so please read the pay table before you begin playing the game.

Playing the Game

First you have to spin so that the Time Travel Portal will provide you with a combination of floating enemies, weapons, and energy balls. Again, the pay table will explain the levels with which you should play and be successful. The weapons chosen will reduce Rocco's health. When Rocco is defeated, Cubee will transition to the next era. The four lights at the bottom of the slot will light up to show you the strength of the weapons.

Free Spins

Whenever a Cannon symbol appears, you'll get a free spin. Multipliers can be accumulated in the Viking Age each time a Bow and Arrow symbol appears. Free spins will be played with the accumulated multipliers when Cubee reaches Cubeeland. In Cubeeland, where Rocco cannot set foot, no weapons will come out of the portal and this will increase your chances of getting higher payouts in winning combinations.

Three Devil Symbols

When you get three Devil symbols, you will be taken to an island with beautiful palm trees on white sand, and a Pirate ship in the distance. This can also be considered a complicated round, so again, refer to the pay table.


This is one game that defies explanation. Although I have to say it is right up there with the type of diverse slot games that I love playing. So get on board and play Cubee The Travel Adventure Slots anytime and anywhere you are. Ask your friends to join in as well!