Cai Bling Slots

Cai Bling is all about the Benjamins and the bling, as you might hear in your favorite HipHop songs. This Real Time Gaming creative endeavor is a big ode to both Ancient Oriental culture and modern-day music scene. Wealth and good fortune abound, and the god Cai Hong from Chinese lore is the central figure in this 5 reel video slot. It has an amazing 243 paylines, and a Return to Player (RTP) value of 96% on the dot; which means that it is very competitive with other online casino gaming slots when it comes to frequency of payout. The low variance also describes a similar value: although you can win a lot in Cai Bling Slots, the payouts for most of these wins will be small (statistically). It is, of course, always possible to win big.

Although we will get into the game details more fully later, it behooves you to know that Cai Bling has a jaw-dropping 4 big progressive jackpots, which more than makes up for the relatively small payouts that are available with the icon combinations on the reels. There are also two substitute symbols that perform as icon-replacing wilds, and can bump any other non-scatter icon off the board to help you finish a winning combo. You will find the theme relaxing, after the fashion of those other awesome Orient-inspired pokeys made by RTG named Fucanglong Slots and Lucky 8 Slots. The handful of icons that do happen to pay out handsomely are drowning in precious gems.

Cai Bling Slots Wagering

The 5 x 3 grid game has a truly impressive max payout possibility: 50,000 times your wager in the real cash version of this pokey (available only through download). First off, given that the number 8 is considered lucky in Chinese legend - and even in present society - you can see how it dominates in the payout and wagering realms: you can between 0.8 British pounds or American dollars, and a max of 88 pounds/dollars. The free spins are available courtesy of lining up enough scatter icons in a row, with a minimum of 3 being necessary to unlock the most modest amount and five the maximum. Just imagine that 12 free games with 3 scatters appearing can extend your gaming time for hours if you get on a roll.

Theme and Icons

The graphical display of insomnia Slots is very, very impressive; the colors are warm and tastefully deep in terms of hue. As befits the name of the pokey, the symbols are all the various arrays of luxurious items as well as precious gems and jewelry. Anyone who studied even a little bit of Chinese ancient history knows how much wealth and class was central to their society - in fact, these two attributes are pretty much central to every society. The top paying symbols number about a handful, and they are wearing traditional Oriental garb. The games the scatter symbol, which opens the way to free spins, is a Royal purple lotus flower that can also appear white. This lotus flower activates the bonus round when a minimum of three of them land on the reels next to each other.

The second strong bonus symbol is the substitute, which is represented by an emerald-colored Dragon. This symbol replaces other symbols to help you complete a winning pay line, and it shows up on reels number two through reel number four - inclusive. The cute kitten symbol functions as a wild multiplier that does exact same thing as the emerald Dragon wild, except it cannot replace the Dragon (or the scatter). The cute kitten symbol, for five of a kind, can return a value of 5x whatever you wagered at the beginning of the real money game. The golden colored regular symbols in the game payout a handsome amount as well and can give you a boost in any normal round of play. For five of these golden symbols, the maximum bet is 88 British pounds per. There goes that lucky number eight again.

More Features in Cai Bling Slots from RTG

As referenced earlier, some of the features that are indicative of what you can expect in the real money version of Insomnia Slots are the Return To Player and the Variance. This means that, despite the high-paying golden symbols in the game, the average win tends to be of the smaller variety - but they occur a lot more frequently than the big wins. But since there are four jackpots in Insomnia Slots, and the max when possible is 50,000 x your wager, you still got a shot at polishing off this game as a very happy camper. Even on the low end, it is still possible to use the scatter symbols to award you a 50 x multiplication of your starting bet.

Let us go through a few of the payouts better advertising this game; for more information, just hit your favorite online gaming casino and use the Instant Play to check out the official pay table before you make a deposit and play for real. The wild symbol, as mentioned, substitutes for big prizes. As for the scatter symbol, its primary function is to stay on the game board despite the substitute symbols attempts to replace it, and return enough of a kind to grant the player a bevy of free spins. The second wild symbol can replace anything other than the two mentioned earlier to help complete a winning combination. As for the top normal symbols, you can expect payouts as high as 600 coins for five of a kind, 700 coins for the glistening purple kitten icon, and 300 coins for the golden kitten symbol with a green hat. There is a lot more to learn, and information is available at any online casino's that employ Real Time Gaming software, Insomnia Slots should now be on your radar for some in the-level casino gaming. Download today