Shadow Gods Slots

The name may sound ominous, and well it should - the mighty Shadow Gods were once feared, respected and simultaneously loved in Ancient Egypt. The great denizens of the Kemetic pantheon were a rival to anything that the Greeks and Romans could muster, and have solidified their place in history as taught in modern day courses. It has gained tremendous popularity as a premier Real Time Gaming slot, and casually boasts 5 reels and 50 paylines to let you know it's a serious-sized pokey. Although there's no progressive jackpot anywhere to be seen, the symbol combinations are robust enough to make you forget about that otherwise common addition.

What's not to like about Shadow Gods Slots? Templates about Ancient Kemet, Nubia and Egypt are all the rage in the online casino slot gaming world, and sometimes even give Greek-themed slots a run for their money. This one has a considerable Free Spins bonus Feature that involves the Scarab scatters, as well as Treasure Spins and Substitute Reels that can rack up re-spins benefits. This lets you keep playing on your initial deposit for quite some time, depending on how lucky you are with the re-spin quantity released. There's another paying scatter, too, in the Pharaoh Mask of King Tut.

Shadow Gods Slots Wagering Range and Cash Prizes

Did we mention that Shadow Gods Slots has an amazing 50 paylines to go along with the standard allotment of 5 reels? This certifies it as one of the bigger casino slots available out there, and means that you are in store for a session that has many different ways to get symbol combinations for the win. Not only will you be regaled by the visuals of the game, but you actually have a chance to win big with this medium-variance, high-payout machine. The betting is as follows: you can wager between $1 and $200 for every single spin; thus, low-rollers and high-rollers alike can enjoy this game with confidence. Just think what it would be like to win the top 900x payout with a $200 wager! That comes out to a jackpot prize of $160,000.

As of February 2021, Shadow Gods Slots is still such a new game that all the information isn't yet available insofar as online reviews are concerned. There are some metrics, with that said, that will be of interest to the real cash player: the Return to Player value, for example (RTP) is above 96% - which is better than competitive with most other slots of this size. The standard grid arrangement of 5 x 3 is here, too, and the symbols are all members of the Egyptian pantheon of gods. You will see mighty sun god Ra on the reels, as well as Horus, Set, Anubis, Ishtar and others. As for the lower value icons, Queen Cleopatra is one of them, as is the creature known as a scarab beetle, the Eye of Ra (yes; in addition to Ra, himself), and Mask scatter icons. The wild/substitute icons are dark Anubis, and the god of the Underworld, Horus. The cards Ace through 10 and 9 are also on the game board, and they retain their characteristically low monetary values.

Bonus Features in Shadow Gods Slots

The special bonus symbols are of note in this game due to their ability to really enhance your prospects of a large payout. The stacked wilds, featuring the dark god Anubis and Horus the son of Osiris, only show up on the second and the fourth reels. Together, these stacked wild icons comprise the Nudging Wild Bonus Feature, in which when they appear, they dominate the adjacent reels for an improved payout - as long as you land some symbol combinations. Similarly, there's the so-called Coin Feature, which is triggered when a minimum of 6 Eye of Ra icons descends onto the reels. You will pick up 3 re-spins when this happens, further extended your gaming time. It is through this assortment of features that you can potentially pick up the mighty Grand Bonus, which is ushered in only by a screen drenched with virtual gold coins.

Now - how about those free spins that were advertised in the beginning? The Egyptian Masks are the scatter symbols, and thus they are the architects of this attribute. Moreover, the top jackpot in the game can only be won during this bonus round, so it behooves you to Keep on spinning until you get a minimum of three Egyptian Mask icons lined up at the same time. The scattered payouts that you may receive range from 2x to 100 x whatever you wagered at the start of the game. For three of a kind of the Egyptian masks on the reels, you win the lowest amount of 2x. For four of a kind of the Egyptian mask symbol you win 25x on the payout lines, and for a Full House of five Egyptian mask scattered icons you get the top scatter payout of 100 x. This is in addition to activating the Free Spins Feature in Shadow Guards Slots from RTG.

A Few Symbol Combo Prizes

Now let us take a gander at some of the symbol combinations that are available in Shadow Guards Slots. We already went over what the scatter icon is worth; now we begin with the normal symbols and the dark God Anubis. If you managed to get five Anubis God symbols on the game board, there are worth a 2500 coin reward; if the substitute symbol Jackson to replace one of them for a winning combination, then this prize value is double to 5000 coins. If you get four Anubis symbols you win 200 coins, and the wild can replace one of them to release 400 coins; if you land three Anubis symbols you win 50 coins, the wild symbol can get you up to 100 coins; and finally to Anubis symbols get you the lowest payout with two coins - which can be doubled in value if a substitution is made.

There are two symbols of the game that payout high values as well: the Sphinx and the ancient Egyptian palace. If five Sphinx symbols appear you win 1000 coins; this is doubled in value to 2000 coins if a substitute symbol also shows up. For of a kind of the Egyptian Sphinx structure get you 100 coins, which becomes 200 coins with a substitute; three Sphinx symbols are worth 50 coins, which becomes 100 coins with the wild; and two Sphinx symbols get you two coins, which doubles the four coins if you get lucky with a bonus symbol. The last of the high-paying symbols is Egyptian palace; five of them are worth 500 coins, which is double to 1000 coins with the substitute pyramid. For Egyptian palace symbols get you 100 coins, which enjoys an increase to 200 coins with the Egyptian pyramid. Going on down the list you have three Egyptian palace symbols being worth 25 coins, jumping to 50 coins if the pyramid goes wild. Lastly, to Egyptian palaces on the reels get you two coins - double to four coins with the bonus wild. Download the magnificent Shadow Slots today to start playing in earnest; or simply play for free in a supported mobile browser.