5 Wishes Slots

With this sizzling new pokey from Real Time Gaming, you no longer need to wish upon a star to potentially make your dreams come true. 5 Wishes Slots is a dazzling new addition to the huge library of games for which RTG is known. Possessing 5 reels and 25 pay lines, the fantastic interplay of theme and icons are displayed on a three x 3 grid format. The central subject of this template is none other than the Arabian Aladdin hero who captures the heart of Princess Jasmine. Accompanied by his trusty magic lamp and flying red carpet, there's a reason why this is a recurring theme in the world of online slots - the public seems to love this motif! If you happen to line up the symbols in the game in the right quantity, it's possible that a magical genie may emerge from the lamp and unleash the progressive jackpot of 5000 x whatever you wagered X at the start of the real money version of the pokey.

Not only is 5 Wishes Slots in possession of a gorgeous visage, it's also known for its breathtaking gameplay. It's almost like they want you to win in this one, with the plenitude of free games and bonus opportunities that are embedded inside. Indeed; there are actually a couple of progressive jackpot second appear at random in this game - with the Minor Jackpot worth $500 and the Major Jackpot being worth $1000. It's a free spins that can truly unlock a potential winning streak; you can also wager between $0.25 and $25 for every single spin, which opens up the game to people with bankrolls of various sizes

The Return to Player Metric and Icons in 5 Wishes Slots

If you're an avid casino gamer, then you are aware that the RTP is an important metric that filled you in on how likely it is you win in the prescribed game. With a Return to Player return in the range of 95%, 5 Wishes Slots is very competitive with your average 5 reel video pokey. Now because there exists a double dose of progressive jackpot in the game, this theoretical return will be slightly lower than the advertised the 95%. The hit frequency is another metric that is adequate and can be found on the game board. You can expect it to be about 15%. As for the icons in the game, many of them will be quite familiar for a game with this Arabian theme: Princess Jasmine is looking like a snack on the reels, another symbol is of course Aladdin, there's the Aladdin's monkey symbol, there's the mighty genie symbol, there's the Arabian palace, and the scattered magic lamp - this last symbol is the one that is capable of feeling your accounts chock-full with free spins opportunities.

Five Wishes Slots Bonus Features

The scattered magic lamp symbol is the one you really want to enter into this realm. The number of free spins that it unlocks depends on whether you get three, four, or five of them to show up simultaneously on the reels. For the minimum number of three scattered magic lamp symbols you can win 10 free spins; if instead you managed to land four scattered magic lamps you win 20 free spins; for the maximum number of five scattered bonus magic lamp icons you win a dazzling 100 free spins - this can really have you playing well into the next morning. This feature is can also be re-triggered. If you're lucky enough to have the substitute formidable genie symbol show up to replace any of the regular symbols, then all winning combinations are doubled when it comes to the payout.

Icon Combinations and Payways

Other than the bonus symbols that feature in the bonus feature, the highest paying symbol in 5 Wishes Slots is the young prince Aladdin. Flying through the air with the greatest of ease on his magical red carpet, five Prince Aladdin symbols on the game board results in a 2500 coin payout. There's a big drop off between five of a kind and for of a kind; for the latter number of Aladdin's you win just 250 coins - which is smaller by a factor of 10. For three Prince Aladdin symbols on the reels, you win 50 coins, and for the minimum number for which there's a payout (two of a kind) Prince Aladdin symbols you win just five coins. The second high-paying symbol is the innocent and lovely Princess Jasmine with her beautiful smile; for five Princess Jasmine icons you win 1250 coins; for of a kind of the Princess Jasmine symbol get you 125 coins, three Princess Jasmine icons are worth 25 coins, and two Princess Jasmine's get you three coins. Aladdin would probably disagree that she is worth less than him!

The final two symbols are character symbols; they are represented by Aladdin's monkey and a picture of the palace that looks like the Taj Mahal. For the higher paying of the two, five of the Aladdin's monkey symbol is worth 1000 coins; for Aladdin's monkey icons get you 100 coins, three Aladdin's monkey icons get you 15 coins, and two of the princes monkeys symbols are worth two coins. The Taj Mahal look-alike palace, for five of a kind on the reels, is worth 300 coins is a payout; four Taj Mahal Palace look-alike icons get you 50 coins, and three of them is worth 10 coins. The rest of the symbols are classified as low-paying, and take the form of the poker card icons of Ace, King, Joker, Queen, the number 10 and the number nine.

Remember; these symbols and their payouts are of note primarily if you download the casino software in order to play the game; then, there's money at stake once you make a deposit. If you do NOT want to risk anything, then you can still play and enjoy the visuals and gameplay of RTGs 5 Wishes Slots using the Flash program in your browser - this does not require any software downloads.