Achilles Deluxe Slots

There have been many games created that are based on ancient Greek myths; this does, after all, form the ground for much of western civilization. It has even been said that the western Hemisphere is really just Rome reborn; an extension of the mostly fallen kingdom. With this said, Real Time Gaming has fashioned yet another entry into the hallowed hall of games that give an ode to the mighty Achilles. Achilles Deluxe slots features the titular hero in a new 5 reel, 20 payline pokey that seeks to vault off the success of Achilles Slots, which was created nearly a decade earlier than the current. Released during the COVID epidemic that is changing our world and keeping most people at home, Achilles Deluxe has found a significant measure of success so far.

Game Details for Achilles Deluxe Slots

As for some of the things that the game offers, you've got the option of playing for free in a chrome or Firefox (or Safari/mobile) browser. Here, the only thing that you can "win" is something called fun money. If you actually want a chance to take some cash from the casino House, then you've got to download the software and put your chips in. The range of allowed betting is from 20 cents to $100 in either US currency or the Euro; the maximum possible payout is an earth-shattering 2000x - with x being your wagering amount. That means the max wager, for the extremely lucky player, can see you walking away with $200,000!

Achilles Deluxe Slots is able to pay out so much because of the presence of a bevy of progressive jackpots that are coupled with multiple scatter symbol opportunities and wild icons that are pervasive throughout the gameboard. In addition to the maximum amount of 3x multipliers that you can theoretically get, the pokey also has free spins to prolong your game even further. Per line, you can wager just a penny at the lowest end and $5 at the upper end, which corresponds to the afore-mentioned totals for a maximum starting wager. The double dose of progressive prize pools come in the form of a lower value Minor Jackpot and an upper value Major Jackpot. Since they can appear randomly, it is quite possible for both to show up at once and really fill up your pockets.

Indelible Slot Features

The shield of the warrior Achilles functions as a substitute symbol in this Pokey; and is capable of supplanting just about every other symbol to help you finish a victorious pay line. Achilles Deluxe Slots is special in that the substitute icons and this game can even supplant the usually immovable scatter icons; when you successfully complete winning combinations, the payout can be cash and prizes totaling up to 10,000 game credits or coins.

Additionally, when coupled with the multitude of free spins opportunities that extend your game, multipliers will appear randomly to double and even triple your winnings. If the substitute Achilles shield symbols are responsible for activating the free spins around, depending on the number that appear on the reels at the same time, you can win 15, 20 or 25 extra games. The minimum applicable amount is three of a kind of Achilles shield. With the maximum amount, 3x multipliers are tacked onto every win that emerges as a result of combinations.

As for the scatter symbols that cannot rebuff the wild symbols attempts at replacement, these are represented by the Game Logo. When a minimum of three of these show up, you automatically receive 10 free spins. In addition, a lower value multiplier is tacked onto these wins and the prizes span a length of 3x to 500 x whatever you wagered X at the start of the real money game. Obviously, for three of a kind of the scattered Game Logo symbol you win the lowest amount; to get the maximum amount, you need a full house of five of a kind of the Game Logo scatter icons.

Symbol Combinations & Payout Sums in Achilles Deluxe Slots

The great Achilles, son of King Peleus, is the most valuable icon in Achilles Deluxe Slots. As the symbol replacement icon, a handful of them on the reels simultaneously releases a result of 10,000 big ones. If you land for icons represented of the son of King Peleus and the sea nymph Thetis on the reels then you win 2500 coins; for three Achilles symbols in Achilles Deluxe Slots the prizes 500 coins, for two of the mighty warrior from Greece symbols you win 25 coins, and for a single legendary soldier on the reels your prize is 2 coins. The scatter symbol, which can be replaced by the wild in this game, is the Last City of Troy - which was raised and ransacked by the Greeks, as led by Achilles during the Trojan War. Again, for I handful of Troy icons the prize is 5x your starting bet; all scatter wins are multiplied by the will total wager. Four scatter symbols lead to a payout of 30 x your bet, and three Troy symbols get you 3x your wager.

As for the regular symbols, the former spouse of King Menelaus reigns supreme in terms of symbol combination payouts. Helen, if five of a kind of her descend on the reels, provides the winner with a 5000 coin payout; four Helen symbols get you 1000 coins, three Helen of Troy symbols get you 100 coins, and two Helen icons are worth five coins. Next is the bronze Trojan horse icon; five of them get you 1250 coins, four bronze Trojan horse icons are worth 500 coins, three bronze Trojan horses gets you 100 coins, and two of them on the reels get you three coins. The final character symbols are represented by a bronze shield and a fiery red banner of the Greeks: five of either one of these get you 800 coins; four bronze shield symbols or for fiery red Grecian banner symbols get you 200 coins, and three of them are worth 30 coins, and two get you just to coins. The remaining symbols in the game are just the poker card low-paying Joker, King, Queen, Ace (the highest-paying of these) and 10 and 9. download Achilles Deluxe slots today for your entertainment pleasure; perhaps you can win big!